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  • Ticket Issue

    To book a ticket via mobile, please unblock pop-ups on your mobile browser.

    Unblocking pop-ups may differ depending on the mobile device. Please check how to unblock pop-ups for your device and proceed.
  • Online Booking Schedule

    Opening·Closing Ceremony: Apr 17 (Wed) 14:00 - Until 10 minutes before the ceremony
    General Screening: Apr 19 (Fri) 11:00 - Until 10 minutes before the screening
  • Ticket Guide

    Cancellation Period: Until 30 minutes before the start of the screening (applies equally online and offline)

    Cancellation Charges: In case of cancellation on the screening day, 1,000 KRW per case will be charged. Bookings can be canceled only after paying the cancellation fee.

    - When changing seats or payment methods after booking a ticket, please cancel all the tickets and redo the booking process.

    - Partial cancellation (canceling only 1 ticket from the booking of two, etc.) is not allowed. Please cancel all the tickets and redo the booking process.

    - Issued tickets can only be canceled at the Box Office.

    - Cancellation/refund after the cancellation period for personal circumstances is not possible. (Loss or damage of the ticket, transportation delays, misunderstanding venues or screenings, etc.)
  • Can't see my booking details.

    If booking details are not shown after confirming the payment, please contact us via Kakao Channel or 1:1 Inquiry on the JEONJU IFF webpage with your website ID(email addess) and full name.
  • Pressed the entry button on mobile ticket too early.

    Please do not press the Enter button on your mobile ticket until the cinema staff usher you in. Pressing it might restrict your entry.

    If you press the Enter button by mistake, please find a JEONJU IFF staff at the on-site Box Office or the screen entrance. They will assist you on-site.
  • Screening Guide

    The 25th JEONJU IFF will be held from May 1 (Wed) to May 10 (Fri), 2024. During these ten days, a total of 232 films from 43 countries will be screened at the theaters around Jeonju Film Street.
  • Screenings on Schedule

    25th JEONJU IFF begins every screening on schedule. Late entry is prohibited 10 minutes after each screening begins. (Same rules apply to Shorts Bundles)

    Cancellation/refund for personal circumstances is not possible. (Transportation delays, misunderstanding venues or screenings, etc.)

    Late entry does not guarantee selected seats at the booking.
  • GV and Program Events

    Program events, including GVs (Q&A sessions), will be held after the screenings, which are marked as GVs or Program Events in the Festival Guide.

    All program events, including GVs, are open to ticket holders only.

    Please refer to the notice on the festival website for more information: the events may be changed or canceled due to the guest or the festival's circumstances.

    All GVs will be held with an English interpreter. Other program events, excluding GVs, might not provide one. For more information, please refer to the Program Event Information page on the festival website.

    If any changes or cancellations occur, the on-site notice and more information via the website will be available.